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9th July 2019

Today I've added a new book:

First and Last Things by H. G. Wells

and a new set of quotes:

50 Quotes from Virginia Woolf

For the rest of the day, same as yesteday - I'll be changing some more pages over to the new design (I'm about a third of the way there). Tomorrow - a new book and a new article.

8th July 2019

Mostly I've been working on changing the old style pages over to the new, but today I added a new book:

Ceremonial Magic Unveiled by Dion Fortune

and a new article:

Kary Mullis and the Talking Raccoon

For the rest of the day, I'll be changing some more pages over. Tomorrow - a new book and another new set of quotes.

I'm also working on making the home page a bit more exciting than it is now. It's a work in progress.

28th June 2019

I am actually 3 days ahead of myself in regard to the work I'm currently doing, so I feel pretty great about that.

That's all - just wanted to brag to someone about that. Oh, and also, some articles and quotes are up now too. And a brand new menu (is it sad I get excited about this stuff?)

27th June 2019

Ok, finally - finally - I have got around to updating this page a little. However, it's only to say that I'm still working on 'stuff'. This has been a weird year. I haven't been in the best place mentally, and it's been a struggle at times to keep plodding on. But here we are - onwards and upwards and all that.

I'm still working on changing the design, in addition to adding new books, and in addition also, to getting some new things ready to be put up.

Not gonna lie, there was a point where I just wanted to leave it all with the old design - the thought of changing 3,000 pages - ugh - but Google are definitely penalising me right now because the site is pretty slow, thanks to bloated code and scripts that shouldn't be there. And so change it I must. And let's face it, the new pages are (to me anyway), so, so much faster, so hopefully, the Google Gods will reward me.

In the next few days, I'll be putting up a load of new content, in the form of articles, quotes, etc. Most of this isn't new - I just went through all my old pages and took all the articles I wrote ages ago. Might as well stick em up here.

And that's all for now folks. Remember to donate if you can. Or buy a collection.

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