Book: The Truth About Rockefeller
Author: Emanuel M. Josephson

The Truth About Rockefeller By Emanuel M. Josephson

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 284
Publication Date: 1964

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Subtitled, 'Public Enemy No. 1, Studies In Criminal Psychopathy'. Subjects include; Criminal Psychopathy with Religious Camouflage. John D. The First; Nelson Rockefeller's Psychopathic Ancestry; Nelson Rockefeller's Red Tools & Agents; Nelson Rockefeller, Assistant Secretary of States; Rockefeller Agents Frame Sen. McCarthy & Doom Republican Party; The Plot Evolves: Rockefeller Seizes New York Governorship; Rockefeller's Drive to Eliminate all Leaders of the Republican Party & to Seize Presidential Nomination for Nelson; and much more.

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