Book: Travels in Arabia Deserta
Author: Charles M. Doughty

Travels in Arabia Deserta By Charles M. Doughty

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 707
Publication Date: 1921

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This is Volume 2 of the authors travels in Arabia. Chapters include: Ibn Rashids Town; Life In Hayil; Depart From Hayil; Journey To Kheybar; Kheybar "The Apostle's Country"; The Kheyabara; The Medina Life At Kheybar; Galla-Land. Medina Lore; Deliverance From Kheybar; Desert Journey To Hayil. The Nasrany Is Driven From Thence; The Shammar And Haeb Deserts In Nejd; Journey To El-Kasim I Boreyda; and more.