Book: The Traveller’s Guide from Death to Life
Author: Mrs Stephen Menzies

The Traveller’s Guide from Death to Life By Mrs Stephen Menzies

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Pages (PDF): 321
Publication Date: -

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From the Introductory blurb: "150 Short and Telling Illustrations of God's Way of Peace." And then it has some reviews from Ministers and such: "i do not think I know of any book which puts the simple Gospel in a more terse and attractive way." (Lord Overtoun), "it is like a collection of the leaves of the Tree of Life. Every page has Gospel enough in it to bring a sinner to Christ." (Rev. F. B. Meyer), "Clear, forcible, attractive—many have found the way to heaven whilst reading it." (Rev. J. J. Luce), and so on and so forth. It's basically book of anecdotes of people who found Christianity through various means.