Book: Told at the Feis: Stories of Ancient Ireland
Author: Unknown

Told at the Feis: Stories of Ancient Ireland By Unknown

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 171
Publication Date: -

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Chapters include: The Plains of the Towers; Lowry The Voyager; Baile Mac Buain; Ahirney The Satirist; The Story of Mac Daho's Pig; The Death of King Connor Mac Nessa; Beal Cu and Conall Karnah; The Death of Cuchulainn; The Chase of Slieve Gullion; The Rowan-Tree Mansion; The Legend of Lough Finn; Donnbo; Finnachta the Festive; The Voyage of the O'Corras; Queen Gormley; The Goban Saor; How Monover Died; The Widow's Daughter; and, The Three Questions.

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