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A working project - a timeline of weird things; of ufo's and alien encounters throughout history, and other incidents of strangeness.

This timeline is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I've always been fascinated by the amount of weirdness that goes on in this world, particularly events that have to do with ufos and alien encounters. There are SO many accounts, and I always posit that it only takes ONE, for this phenomena to be real. I've long had a desire to document all these accounts somewhere, and so here seems like as good a place as any. It might not look like much to begin with, but eventually, I would like it to be a catalogue of all the strange events throughout history, linking to relevant occult things, mysterious disappearances, and anything that I deem interesting enough to document. Eventually eventually, I want to add a short encyclopedia of things I come across.

So if you come across this page (which really is a labour of love) - bear with me and check it out every so often. Once I get 100 entries, I will start creating indexing of dates, and pertinent details of each account. For now, it's going to be a fairly simple list with no linking.

Entries 1 - 100

№1 ⇨ 1180, October 27th - Japan - Ancient Japanese records note that a unusual luminous object, described as an 'earthenware vessel', flew from the mountain in the Kii province. After a while, it changed course and disappeared from view.

№2 ⇨ 1235, September 24th - Japan - General Yoritsume was camping with his army when mysterious sources of light were seen to swing and circle, moving in loops until the early morning. The General ordered an investigation and the report that came back stated: "it is only the wind making the stars sway."

№3 ⇨ 1361 - Japan - A flying object "shaped like a drum, about twenty feet in diameter" emerged from the inland sea off Western Japan.

№4 ⇨ 1468, March 8th - Japan - A dark object that made a "sound like a wheel" was seen flying from Mount Kasuga in a Westerly direction.

№5 ⇨ 1491, August 13th - Preserved in the writings of his son, the mathematician Jerome Cardan, is the experience of Facius Cardan, his father. Writing in De Subtilitate, Cardan explains that he had often heard his father tell the story, and eventually was able to find the record of what occurred, which reads as follows:

August 13th, 1491, When I had completed the customary rites, at about the twentieth hour of the day, seven men duly appeared to me clothes in silken garments, rsembling Greek togas, and wearing, as it were, shining shoes. The undergarments beneath their glistening and ruddy breastplates seemed to be wrought of crimson and were of extraordinary glory and beauty.

Nevertheless all were not dressed in this fashion, but only two who seemed to be of nobler rank than the others. The taller of them who was of ruddy complexion was attended by two companions, and the second, who was fairer and of shorter stature, by three. Thus in all there were seven. He left no record as to whether their heads were covered. They were about forty years of age but they did not appear to be above thirty. When asked who they were, they said that they were men composed, as it were, of air, and subject to birth and death.....When my father asked them why they did not reveal treasures to men when they knew where they were, they answered that it was forbidden by a peculiar law under the heaviest penalties for anyone to communicate this knowledge to men.

№6 ⇨ 1878 - Denison, Texas, United States - According to the article “A Strange Phenomenon” that appeared in the Denison Daily News on January 25, 1878, John Martin, a farmer, was hunting when he saw “a dark object high in the northern sky.” The news account states that “the peculiar shape and the velocity with which the object seemed to approach riveted his attention, and he strained his eyes to discover its character. When first noticed it appeared to be about the size of an orange, after which it continued to grow larger. “After gazing at it for some time,” the article continues, “Mr. Martin became blind from long looking and left of viewing to rest his eyes. On resuming his view, the object was almost overhead and had increased considerably in size and appeared to be going through space at a wonderful speed. When directly over him it was about the size of a large saucer and was evidently at great height.”

№7 ⇨ 1964, April 24th - Socorro, New Mexico, United States - Policeman Lonnie Zamora reported seeing two small beings, dressed in white, close to a shiny, egg-shaped object.

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