Book: Theosophy or Psychological Religion
Author: F. Max Muller

Theosophy or Psychological Religion By F. Max Muller

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 622
Publication Date: 1911

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The Gifford lectures delivered before the University of Glasgow in 1892. Contains 15 of Muller's lectures entitled: Historical Study of Religion; True Value of the Sacred Books Examined; Historical Relationship of Ancient Religions and Philosophies; Relation of Psychological to Physical and Anthropological Religion; Journey of the Soul After Death; Eschatology of the Avesta; Eschatology of Plato; True Immortality; Vedanta Philosophy; Two Schools of the Vedanta; Sufiism; Logos; Alexandrian Christianity; Dionysis the Areopagite; Christian Theosophy.