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Telepathic Hallucinations: The New View of Ghosts By Frank Podmore

Telepathic Hallucinations: The New View of Ghosts

Frank Podmore

This is a Facsimile PDF. It has 136 pages and was published in 1909.


From the first chapter: 'Do YOU believe in Ghosts ? Most educated men nowadays, it may be anticipated, would answer, No. A majority, or at lowest, a substantial minority of educated Europeans, at any date within the last two hundred years, would probably have given a similar answer had the question been put to them. But by the greater number of the human race at the present day, and by learned and unlearned, civilised and uncivilised alike, at any previous period in the world's history, an answer would unhesitatingly have been returned in the affirmative. In fact the belief in ghosts has been so widespread that it may almost be claimed as universal. The very conception of a future life is intimately bound up with the belief: it has left its traces on all the religions in the world.'

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