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Site News

Just stuff that is happening on the site on a day to day basis.

Sunday 20th May

I can’t believe over 2 weeks have gone by since I last updated this! Time is flying by so fast.

Anyway, I’ve been busy sorting a few things out on the site – some big jobs that have been hanging around my neck like an albatross for ages, and every so often, I’d make a start, only to end up giving myself more work to do on it. So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing that.

For the next 2 months, I am going to be concentrating almost exclusively on getting all the remaining Global Grey PDF editions, converted in epubs and Kindle ebooks. This is another thing that I really need to get out of the way, and I’m determined to do it within those 2 months.

So, for 2 months, I will be adding 1 new book, more or less every day, then I’ll be doing the old books.

I’ll see you back here in 2 months.

Wednesday 2nd May

Added a couple of Book Lists, and in the past couple of days, I’ve added a couple of new Series as well. Apart from that, I’ve been adding new books and re-doing/converting existing ones. The chaos of the other week has subsided and everything seems to be running smoothly.

Also – I was all set to put up Bitcoin as a way to donate (after several people suggested I should), but then found out the payment processor I was going with (Stripe), stopped offering that service because since Bitcoin took off on the Markets, its so volatile that the price can sometimes change within the time it takes for a payment/donation to go through. As a result of that, they saw merchants and consumer use of Bitcoin decline so drastically, that they stopped offering it. Anyway, I do now have an alternative to PayPal up so I figure that’s enough.

To be honest, I’m quite glad – for the life of me, I just do not understand how cryptocurrency works :/

Last thing – the comments are no longer enabled. This is because I discovered that every comment was being sent to the spam folder, and so I had to keep the page up all the time and keep refreshing it, so I could ‘approve’ comments. This was a major pain in the backside and because people’s comments were not being approved immediately (like a normal website), I assume that no-one bothered to come back and read my belated replies anyway.

There’s also the fact that this year, I am trying to follow the ‘will it make the boat go faster’ rule. If you’re not familiar with this, it comes from a team of Olympic Rowers. After many years of not winning, they changed the way they approached their work. Every action taken was accompanied by that question – “will it make the boat go faster?” – and in 2000, they won Gold.

I am that rowing team this year. Or I’m trying to be. And so everything that is superfluous to me making this site the best ebook site ever (ambitious, I know :)) – has no place. And that includes keeping an eye on comments. And, unfortunately, blog posts.

I’ll keep this up though.

Friday 27th April

The theme is all changed now, and everything should be looking good. Today I’ll be adding a couple of new books; a new series, and then concentrating on converting some existing PDFs into epubs and Kindle ebooks.

Thursday 26th April

I’m changing the theme of the site today. My old license has expired and I don’t want to pay £50 to update it because I’ve been wanting to change it for a while anyway. So expect some hiccups and some periods where things look a bit weird, etc.

Apart from that, all categories (after much trial and error) are how I want them to be. I’ve split the country sections up a bit more and hopefully made things easier to find.

Tuesday 24th April

Today I’ll be putting up one new book, a couple of new series, redoing a few old books, perhaps figuring out Bitcoin, because people keep telling me to put it up as a way to donate, and then continuing on with the categories. The new book today is Applied Magic by Dion Fortune. What I thought would be a relatively quick book to do, has turned into a much longer task because the copy I’m working from has most full stops missing, as do all the other copies floating around on the Internet. So I’m having to go through line by line, and add them in. I’m doing God’s work here, people :/

Monday 23rd April

Today I’m continuing sorting out and expanding the categories. It’s a bit messy right now and the sidebar list is getting quite lengthy. This will get worse before it gets better – I need to first finish adding all new sub-categories, then I can tidy up the menu a bit. Should take a couple of days so please bear with me. For now, if you’re looking for say, British Mythology books, you’re better off looking in the main Folk-Lore and Mythology section, because not all relevant books have been assigned their sub-categories yet.

Friday 20th April

The site may look a little weird from time to time today. For whatever reason, the theme I use is not working properly, and so I’m either going to be switching completely or messing around with this one. Either way, there will be times when things will look a bit ‘off’. Bear with me and I’ll get it all sorted as soon as possible.

UPDATE (2.30pm): All categories are sorted for now. I’ll be working my way through the books, adding them to any relevant, new categories.

UPDATE (6.30am): I’ve decided to leave things for now, as I’ve got way too many things that I already need to finish off. Looks like I either have to up my hosting (more expense), upgrade my theme (more expense), or find a new theme (so much time to customise it) – so I’ll probably wait a week or two and figure something out.

Thursday 19th April

I added a new feature – ‘Series’ this morning. There’s only a few on there right now, but more will be added as time goes on.

I have also added an alternative to PayPal for those who wish to donate and support the site. Using some software from a company called Donorbox, payments are made very securely using the Stripe payment gateway. I realise that some people don’t want to use PayPal, so this was my reason for putting up this alternative way.

I am currently working on sorting out the categories. The site has grown a lot since its beginnings, and the need for more categories, is something I have been putting off. No more though – I’m starting to work on getting some more specific sub categories up, as well as some completely new main ones. If you’re on the site using a PC, or anything that is wide enough to show the sidebar, you’ll notice the category list will be getting longer. The plan is to complete the additional categories, and at some point, figure out a neater way to show the list on the side; probably using an accordian view.

I redid some old books today – and tomorrow will be blog post day.

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