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Site News

9th November 2017 - Back to work

Back to work today, albeit slowly. I've added a new book, the first part of Bulfinch's Mythology, and will be putting the other two up tomorrow.

You can also now request a Global Grey edition PDF to be converted into an epub or Kindle ebook, completely free (although donations are very much appreciated). See here for more details.

Also, I forgot to mention, in case you haven't seen it, you can ask a question via the little green box in the bottom right of your screen. If I'm away, most of the time I'm actually still here, just having lunch or whatever, so if it's urgent, write your message and I'll come online for you. Unless I can't. In which case, I'll get back to you later.

7th November 2017 - I have a cold 🙁

Apologies for the lack of new books being added in the past week or so. I've been ill with either a mild case of flu or a really bad cold. Will be back to work in a couple of days.

30th October 2017 - Completed Tarzan Series

You can now download the complete Tarzan Series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

27th October 2017 - Broken Images

There are around 250 book pages that don't have an image right now and look something like this:


This is because I meant to get around to changing them, decided I would do that quite quickly (I didn't) and deleted them from my folder on my pc, thinking I no longer had any need for them (I did). Then I changed hosting companies a few days ago, had to re-upload all my files. Of course, this included the folder with(out) all the deleted images.

I am working my way through them and in the process, re-doing the books too, as they are older books and don't look as nice as the newer ones. The downloads all work though and that's the important thing, right?

But yes, I finally got around to changing my hosting company. After almost a month of putting it off, and then not wanting to put it off any longer because, quite frankly, the company I was with were ripping me off, I put aside all my fears of my site getting lost or destroyed, and did the migration. This is a BIG site with a big database and it was a pain to move over, but it's all done now and so far, I'm happy with the new host.

Not much in the way of 'new' things right now. I'm concentrating on getting new books up and re-doing old ones. So far this week I've put up 15 new books and hopefully by the end of the week, that figure should have doubled.

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