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11th May 2019

I know it's not been that long since I last redesigned the site, but - yep - I'm at it again!

Two reasons: 1. I realised the other day that as I've been going along, adding stuff here and there to the code, it had just got incredibly messy and was breaking functionality of certain things. I remember the days of using just html, and whilst CSS is a godsend in that all your styles can be changed site-wide by just changing one file, it also has it's drawbacks - especially for people like me, who understand it well enough to do some stuff, but who is far from an expert. So I had ended up with all this messy code, and honestly, coupled with number 2 - it just seemed easier to simplify the code and change the design at the same time.

Reason number 2 is that for the first time, mobile users have overtaken PC users. Most of my visitors now access the site using a small screen. This brings certain problems because your screen 'real estate' is limited. Sidebars become pointless, for one thing, which is why I will be getting rid of them all across the site. Second thing that you have to watch out for when you're catering to mobile users, is ease of use. So, for instance, instead of the 'breadcrumbs' being at the top of the page, they will now be closer to the download buttons, so people aren't having to scroll back up. Also, I've decided to go with a wide image of part of the book cover - again, on mobile it looks better - no white space. It also looks nicer on larger screens too.

The old style book pages look like this

And the new ones look like this

For those of you who still use Internet Explorer as your browser - the site is going to look terrible. And I apologise for that, but you really should update your browser. I.E hasn't been supported now for something like 4 years, and it's notoriously buggy when it comes to handling certain aspects of CSS, particularly images. So whilst you have my sympathies, I really suggest you get a new browser - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, anything but Internet Explorer.

I will still be adding new books as I change the pages - my 'to-do' list is growing at an alarming rate, but I feel I am making progress, albeit slowly.

Also, I have re-added some smaller collections, available to buy, and you can find them here.

2nd May 2019

So today, I'm starting to add online books (as in, the text being online), and attempting to improve the categories as well as adding tags. A few things to bear in mind:

  1. Until I get a fair bit of the way through, any tag page will likely have very few entries.
  2. Likewise with any new categories that go up, e.g., history.
  3. Scanned books are going to be moved away from my lovely Global Grey editions and into their own category.
  4. Some scanned books will be converted into Global Grey editions, others won't be.
  5. With the online books, I plan on doing the more popular ones first.

1st May 2019

For the rest of the day I'll be adding some more new books, including the E. A. Wallis Budge 'Egyptian Heaven and Hell' series - adding Volume I, and converting Volume II into a Global Grey edition.

29th April 2019

I've been adding a lot of new books in the past few days, and this is a rate I plan on continuing. By the end of May, I hope to reach the milestone of 3,000 books.

Also, today I will be getting the new collections ready and they will be up by 1st May. After that, apart from adding new books to the site, I will be going through the existing ones and improving the categories - adding some, taking some away, and adding tags, which will allow you to be more specific in your search for the books you want.

I also plan on starting adding the book texts online, giving one extra format for readers.

24th April 2019

I have finally (finally!) finished converting all Global Grey editions into all 3 formats (PDFs, epubs, Kindle ebooks). This is something I've been working on, on and off, since 2016 - so, as you can imagine, I'm feeling quite relieved that it's all over.

Tomorrow, I'll be adding some new books including a couple of requests.

From 1st May, the Entire Collection will be going up in price to £99 and will be available on a USB only.