Book: Sex and Sex Worship
Author: O. A. Wall

Sex and Sex Worship By O. A. Wall

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 625
Publication Date: 1919

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First published in 1919, this huge book has over 370 illustrations. 'When primitive man had advanced sufficiently to have acquired the rudiments of language and the ability to think logically, he probably commenced to speculate on the origin or source of life or existence. It is not inconceivable that the troglodites, living in their caves, depending for food on the hunt and the chase, slaying wild animals in self-defence, others for game, robbing birds' nests for food, and using all animal substances, even including the dead of their own kind, as provender, came across some eggs just as they were being hatched, or upon some wild animal just as it was giving birth to young; and generalizing from such observations, which corresponded so closely with what they knew to be the facts about their domestic animals and about their own women and children, they came to the conclusion that all things were produced in the same manner as was the case among men and women of their own kind.'