Book: Sepher Yezirah; A Book on Creation
Author: Isidor Kalisch

Sepher Yezirah; A Book on Creation By Isidor Kalisch

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Pages (PDF): 36
Publication Date: 1877

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This book is considered to be the oldest known Jewish mystical text and is now an important part of Cabalistic studies. It first appeared in historical records during the first century C.E., but its principles had been passed down for centuries before this, with Jewish scholars believing that the patriarch Abraham had received the teachings directly. It is written from the perspective of an observer who is relating the work of God's creation step by step, as it unfolds. It covers not only the creation of the universe, but the formation of the earth and humanity as well. It reveals how the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet work symbolically and interact with one another, through God, to bring about our physical world.