Book: The Secrets of the Kaula Circle
Author: Elizabeth Sharpe

The Secrets of the Kaula Circle By Elizabeth Sharpe

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 100
Publication Date: 1936

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The full title of this strange book is 'The Secrets Of The Kaula Circle, A tale of fictitous people faithfully recounting strange rites still practised by this cult'. The author, Elizabeth Sharpe, was a western woman who married a Tibetan lama, who was a member of a secret Tantric magickal group known as the Kaula Circle. In the book, it appears she mentions Alister Crowley: "He called himself by a number. In the beginning he was extremely handsome, afterwards he grew gross...He learnt many magical processes by which he drew into his circle great phantoms...This man's number was 666..."
Sharpe describes sex magick and Tantric sexual practices. She also describes Crowley's work as a negative comparison to the Tantra she apparently loves. It would seem her main aim in writing this was to remind people that "the pure paths of worship...are the best". Like I said, a strange little book, but no doubt an interesting one.