Book: Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
Author: W. C. Brownlee

Secret Instructions of the Jesuits By W. C. Brownlee

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 144
Publication Date: 1857

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First published in 1857, this book has no table of contents, making it hard for me to summarise what it's about. Having said that, the title explains a lot; it's not that obscure. And it is subtitled, 'Faithfully translated from the Latin of an old genuine London copy'. It starts with a historical sketch of the Jesuits and then carries on. Not very helpful, I know. It is littered with red pen markings where some enthusiastic reader wanted to highlight certain things. Then, right at the end, where it says that the church had called the Society corrupt, the person has wrote on the page, "Who were they to judge and are they any better?", which I like to imagine was the result of an actual Jesuit getting more and more angry as he read the book, culminating in one final defacement.