Book: The Science of Pranayama
Author: Sri Swami Sivananda

The Science of Pranayama By Sri Swami Sivananda

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 90
Publication Date: 1935

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From the Introduction: 'Pranayama occupies a very important place in Indian religion. Every Brahmachari, and every Grihastha also, has to practise it three times every day morning, noon and evening in his daily worship during Sandhya. It precedes every religious practice of the Hindus. Before he eats, before he drinks, before he resolves to do anything, Pranayama should be performed first and then the nature of his determination should be clearly enunciated and placed before the mind. The facts of its preceding every effort of the will is a surety that, that effort will be crowned with success and the mind will be directed to bring about the desired result.'