Book: Salem Witchcraft
Author: Samuel P. Fowler

Salem Witchcraft By Samuel P. Fowler

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 464
Publication Date: 1861

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Comprised of 'Wonders of the Invisible World', and 'More Wonders of the Invisible World'. Includes: An Account of the Sufferings of Margaret Rule, written by the Rev. Cotton Mather, Several Letters to the Author, etc. and his Reply relating to Witchcraft; The Differences between the Inhabitants of Salem Village, and Mr. Parris, their Minister, in New-England; Letters of a Gentleman uninterested, endeavouring to prove the received opinions about Witchcraft to be Orthodox. With short Essays to their Answers; and, A short Historical Account of Matters of Fact in that Affair.

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