Book: The Reality of Psychic Phenomena
Author: W. J. Crawford

The Reality of Psychic Phenomena By W. J. Crawford

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 261
Publication Date: 1919

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Excerpt: 'I need hardly say that if money be the chief or only object of the medium's ambition, practically no experimental work can be done. It is a matter of experience — my experience, anyway — that the medium and sitters must not develop any form of material greed, or the phenomena become undependable and unreliable. This does not mean, of course, that a medium may not take reasonable remuneration ; but it decidedly means that if she is purely and absolutely concerned with the amount of money she can make out of her psychic gifts, her phenomena suffer. The five conditions given above for successful experimental work in the psychic realm are, in my opinion, absolutely essential. Omit any one of them, and the results suffer from a scientific point of view. This is probably the reason why so little such work is done. The required conditions are generally too much for the experimenter.'

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