Radix Mundi

Radix Mundi


Radix Mundi By Roger Bacon

Format: Global Grey edition

Pages (PDF): 54

Publication Date: 1692

Illustrations: Yes, a few

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Pages (PDF): 54

Publication Date: 1692

Illustrations: Yes, a few

About The Book: This book is comprised of chapters 37 to 60 of William Salmon's 1692 book, Synopsis Medicinæ, or a Compendium of Astrological, Galenical, and Chymical Physick, or Practical Physick, in which he included Roger Bacon's Radix Mundi.

Chapter List

Chapter XXXVII. Of The Original Of Metals, And Principles Of The Mineral Work

Chapter XXXVIII. Of The Mercury, The Second Principle Of The Work

Chapter XXXIX. Of The Purification Of The Metals And Mercury For Our Work

Chapter XL. Of The Conjunction Of The Principles, In Order To This Great Work

Chapter XLI. Of The Vessel Lute, Closing, And Times Of The Philosophick Work

Chapter XLII. Of The Philosophers Fire, The Kinds And Government Thereof

Chapter XLIII. Of The Aenigma's Of Philosophers, Their Deceptions, And Precautions Concerning The Same

Chapter XLIV. Of The Various Signs Appearing In Every Operation

Chapter XLV. Of The Education Of The Whiteness Out Of The Blackness Or Black Matter

Chapter XLVI. Of The Way And Manner How To Educe The Red Tincture Out Of The White

Chapter XLVII. Of The Multiplication, Or Augmentation Of Our Medicine, By Dissolution

Chapter XLVIII. Of The Augmentation Or Multiplication Of Our Medicine By Fermentation

Chapter XLIX. Of The Differences Of The Medicine And Proportions Used In Projection

Chapter L. Of Projection, And How It Is To Be Performed Upon The Metals

Chapter LI. Of The Compleatment, Or Perfection Of The Whole Work

Chapter LII. The Preface Or Enterance Into This Work, And The Definition Of The Art

Chapter LIV. Of The Nearest Matter, Out Of Which The Elixir Is Drawn Or Made

Chapter LV. Of The Nearest Matter Of Our Stone, Yet More Plainly

Chapter LVI. Of The Manner Of Working, And Of The Moderation And Continuing Of The Fire

Chapter LVII. Of The Quality Of The Vessels And Fornaces

Chapter LVIII. Of The Colours, Accidental And Essential, Appearing In The Work

Chapter LIX. Of The Manner Of Projection Upon Any Of The Imperfect Metals

Chapter LX. A Short Recapitulation Of The Whole Work

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