Book: Psycho-Phone Messages
Author: Francis Grierson

Psycho-Phone Messages By Francis Grierson

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 95
Publication Date: 1921

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This book is not, as the title may sound to our modern ears, a litany of phone calls from crazy people. Rather, it is meant to be phone calls taken from the dead. As the title page declares: 'Spiritual Messages from the late General U. S. Grant, on Adequate Preparation in America; Thomas Jefferson, on the Future of American Democracy; Benjamin Disraeli, on English and Irish Affairs ; Prince Bismarck, on the Indemnities ; John Marshall, on the Psychology of the Supreme Court of the United States; Alexander Hamilton, on the Forces that Precede Revolution; Abraham Lincoln, on the Future of Mexico; Robert Ingersoll, on Our Great Women; Henry Ward Beecher, on the New Puritanism; Benjamin Wade, of Ohio, on President Harding; General B. H. Grierson, on Japan, Mexico and California, etc.'