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Psychism, Analysis of Things Existing By Paul Gibier

Psychism, Analysis of Things Existing

Paul Gibier

This is a Facsimile PDF. It has 290 pages and was published in 1899.


Now, it must be stated that psychical matters are of such a nature that they may be compared to a set of powerful cog-wheels in motion ; once the fingers are caught in the teeth, the whole body is drawn in. The movement cannot be stopped at present, and scientists, clergymen, and philosophers of all schools will soon be bound to come, volens nolens, to an understanding with regard to psychic phenomena. It is true that the question would be advanced some twenty-five years or more if it had not been for the numerous frauds which have kept many experimenters from investigating and publishing the results of their researches. But it behooves us to sift the grain from the chaff, i. e., the genuine from the spurious, in order to bring truth from its hidden recesses. It has been said above, that in psychic phenomena a possible explanation of the Uni- verse might be foreseen. Is this not too rash an assertion, and is not the expression of this expectation by far too unscientific? We think not, for the aim of science, as pointed out by Huxley and other savants of his school, is nothing short of a complete explanation of the Universe, although they admit the goal beyond the reach of human entendement limited to its present attributes.

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