Book: The Possibility of Living 200 Years
Author: F. C. Havens

The Possibility of Living 200 Years By F. C. Havens

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 231
Publication Date: 1896

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This work represents the labor of many odd hours in a life devoted to business pursuits. No claim is made that the discoveries and suggestions relative to diet are new or original. Much reading and observation in regard to this subject showed the possibility of condensing the salient features of the works of leading authors on the subject of longevity a subject of more importance to humanity than any and all others. There is no royal road to health or long life, but neither is there any need for people to grope their way blindly along, and make both a matter of mere chance, as the vast majority of the human race are now doing. Such writers as De Lacy Evans, and other scientific investigators, point out a path to perfect health, and prove age to be a controllable disease. Illness and decrepitude are shown to be unnecessary evils, caused almost invariably by the lack of the knowledge of the plain and simple rules which are compiled and condensed in this little volume. The punishments inflicted by nature are usually as just as they are sure. Where people sin willfully sympathy is wasted. A quotation will be found herein from Sir Wm. Thompson, in which he points out an easy road to sickness and a rapid method of growing old an illustration of the absurdity of suffering the greatest misery for an indefinite period, as the result of two hours of imaginary happiness.

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