Book: Pomo Bear Doctors
Author: S. A. Barrett

Pomo Bear Doctors By S. A. Barrett

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 33
Publication Date: 1917

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This is a monograph on a typical variety of native Californian shamanism, the animal-impersonator. This describes the practice among the Pomo, a Northern Californian people. Despite the title 'Bear Doctor,' these shamans did not cure: they were berserkers, as befits their totem, with a license to kill up to four people per year. Chapters include: Origin Account; Acquisition Of Power; Assistants; Hiding Places; The Magic Suit; Weapons And Their Use; Rites Over The Suit; Communication Between Bear Doctors; Panther Doctors; Comparison With Yuki Beliefs; and, Comparison With Miwok Beliefs.

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