The Philosophy of Mystery

Walter Cooper Dendy

First published in 1841.

This online edition was created and published by Global Grey on the 30th September 2021.

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Table of Contents

The Challenge

Nature And Motives Of Ghosts

Prophecy Of Spectres

Illusion Of Spectres

Phantasy From Mental Association

Phantasy From Cerebral Excitement

Phantasy From Cerebral Congestion – Opium

Poetic Phantasy, Or Frenzy

Phantasy From Sympathy With The Brain

Mysterious Forms And Signs

Analysis And Classification Of Spectral Illusion

Illusions Of Art

Illustration Of Mysterious Sounds

Fairy Mythology


Nature Of Soul And Mind

Nature Of Sleep

Sublimity And Imperfection Of Dreaming

Prophecy Of Dreams

Moral Causes Of Dreaming

Anachronism And Coincidence Of Dreams

Material Causes Of Dreams

Intense Impression - Memory

Influence Of Dark Blood In The Brain

Incubus, Or Night-Mare

Somniloquence - Somnambulism

Imitative Monomania


Abstraction Of Intellect

Somnolence - Trance - Catalepsy

Premature Interment – Resuscitation

Transmigration - Analysis Of Trance


Sibylline Influence

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