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Notre-Dame de Paris

Victor Hugo

First published in 1831. This translation by Isabel F. Hapgood was first published in 1888.

This online edition was created and published by Global Grey on the 20th September 2021.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. The Grand Hall

Chapter 2. Pierre Gringoire

Chapter 3. Monsieur The Cardinal

Chapter 4. Master Jacques Coppenole

Chapter 5. Quasimodo

Chapter 6. Esmeralda


Chapter 1. From Charybdis To Scylla

Chapter 2. The Place De Greve

Chapter 3. Kisses For Blows

Chapter 4. The Inconveniences Of Following A Pretty Woman Through The Streets In The Evening

Chapter 5. Result Of The Dangers

Chapter 6. The Broken Jug

Chapter 7. A Bridal Night


Chapter 1. Notre-Dame

Chapter 2. A Bird's-Eye View Of Paris


Chapter 1. Good Souls

Chapter 2. Claude Frollo

Chapter 3. Immanis Pecoris Custos, Immanior Ipse

Chapter 4. The Dog And His Master

Chapter 5. More About Claude Frollo

Chapter 6. Unpopularity


Chapter 1. Abbas Beati Martini

Chapter 2. This Will Kill That


Chapter 1. An Impartial Glance At The Ancient Magistracy

Chapter 2. The Rat-Hole

Chapter 3. History Of A Leavened Cake Of Maize

Chapter 4. A Tear For A Drop Of Water

Chapter 5. End Of The Story Of The Cake


Chapter 1. The Danger Of Confiding One's Secret To A Goat

Chapter 2. A Priest And A Philosopher Are Two Different Things

Chapter 3. The Bells

Chapter 4. Anarkh

Chapter 5. The Two Men Clothed In Black

Chapter 6. The Effect Which Seven Oaths In The Open Air Can Produce

Chapter 7. The Mysterious Monk

Chapter 8. The Utility Of Windows Which Open On The River


Chapter 1. The Crown Changed Into A Dry Leaf

Chapter 2. Continuation Of The Crown Which Was Changed Into A Dry Leaf

Chapter 3. End Of The Crown Which Was Turned Into A Dry Leaf

Chapter 4. Lasciate Ogni Speranza—Leave All Hope Behind, Ye Who Enter Here

Chapter 5. The Mother

Chapter 6. Three Human Hearts Differently Constructed


Chapter 1. Delirium

Chapter 2. Hunchbacked, One Eyed, Lame

Chapter 3. Deaf

Chapter 4. Earthenware And Crystal

Chapter 5. The Key To The Red Door

Chapter 6. Continuation Of The Key To The Red Door


Chapter 1. Gringoire Has Many Good Ideas In Succession.—Rue Des Bernardins

Chapter 2. Turn Vagabond

Chapter 3. Long Live Mirth

Chapter 4. An Awkward Friend

Chapter 5. The Retreat In Which Monsieur Louis Of France Says His Prayers

Chapter 6. Little Sword In Pocket

Chapter 7. Chateaupers To The Rescue


Chapter 1. The Little Shoe

Chapter 2. The Beautiful Creature Clad In White. (Dante.)

Chapter 3. The Marriage Of Phoebus

Chapter 4. The Marriage Of Quasimodo

Note Added To The Definitive Edition

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