The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Manly P. Hall

First published in 1928. In the public domain because the copyright wasn't renewed on time.

This online edition was created and published by Global Grey on the 9th November 2021.

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Table of Contents



The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies

Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity

The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

The Initiation of the Pyramid

Isis, the Virgin of the World

The Sun, A Universal Deity

The Zodiac and Its Signs

The Bembine Table of Isis

Wonders of Antiquity

The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras

Pythagorean Mathematics

The Human Body in Symbolism

The Hiramic Legend

The Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color

Fishes, Insects, Animals, Reptiles and Birds

Flowers, Plants, Fruits, and Trees

Stones, Metals and Gems

Ceremonial Magic and Sorcery

The Elements and Their Inhabitants

Hermetic Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Therapeutics

The Qabbalah, the Secret Doctrine of Israel

Fundamentals of Qabbalistic Cosmogony

The Tree of the Sephiroth

Qabbalistic Keys to the Creation of Man

An Analysis of Tarot Cards

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

The Fraternity of the Rose Cross

Rosicrucian Doctrines and Tenets

Fifteen Rosicrucian and Qabbalistic Diagrams

Alchemy and Its Exponents

The Theory and Practice of Alchemy

The Hermetic And Alchemical Figures of Claudius De Dominico Celentano Vallis Novi

The Chemical Marriage

Bacon, Shakspere, and the Rosicrucians

The Cryptogram as a factor in Symbolic Philosophy

Freemasonic Symbolism

Mystic Christianity

The Cross and the Crucifixion

The Mystery of the Apocalypse

The Faith of Islam

American Indian Symbolism

The Mysteries and Their Emissaries


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