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Goblin Tales of Lancashire

James Bowker

First published in 1878.

This online edition was created and published by Global Grey on the 16th September 2021.

Table of Contents


Th' Skriker (Shrieker)

The Unbidden Guest

The Fairy's Spade

The King Of The Fairies

Mother And Child

The Spectral Cat

The Captured Fairies

The Pillion Lady

The Fairy Funeral

The Chivalrous Devil

The Enchanted Fisherman

The Sands Of Cocker

The Silver Token

The Headless Woman

The Rescue Of Moonbeam

The White Dobbie

The Little Man's Gift

Satan's Supper

The Earthenware Goose

The Phantom Of The Fell

Allhallow's Night

The Christmas-Eve Vigil

The Crier Of Claife

The Demon Of The Oak

The Black Cock

The Invisible Burden

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