Book: The Oldest History of the World
Author: Benny Evangelist

The Oldest History of the World By Benny Evangelist

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 276
Publication Date: 1926

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The Oldest History of the World Discovered by Occult Science in Detroit, Michigan. This obscure book was put together by Jarett Kobek. From his Introduction: 'The Oldest History of the World is a work so obscure that to call it forgotten would be an abuse of terms. Forgotten things must first be known. Remembered. The work at hand had no such luck. Self-published in 1926 by its author, Benny Evangelist, it has remained nearly unread for the past seventy-five years. The title is literal. The author has rewritten Genesis from a period slightly before creation up until a thousand or so years before the flood of Noah. The only recognizable characters are Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and God. The rest are pure inspiration.'