Book: The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts
Author: David W. Hoyt

The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts By David W. Hoyt

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 427
Publication Date: 1897

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The Old Families Of Salisbury And Amesbury, Massachusetts, With some Related Families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich, and Hampton. From the Introduction: "In gathering material for his "Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight Families," and in tracing his own ancestry in other lines, the compiler of these records collected a mass of materials which it seemed desirable to preserve in some form more durable than manuscript notes. In order to give some degree of completeness to the work, he has attempted to include all Salisbury and Amesbury names that could be obtained from any accessible source, down to about the year 1700,—the first three or four generations of the early settlers."