Book: Occult Science in Medicine
Author: Franz Hartmann

Occult Science in Medicine By Franz Hartmann

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 106
Publication Date: 1893

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Taken from the Preface: Ages of spirituality have preceded the past age of materiality, and other eras of higher spiritual thought are certain to follow. During these preceding ages many eminently valuable truths were known, which have been lost sight of in modern times, and although the popular science of the present, which deals with the external appearances of physical nature, is undoubtedly greater than that of former times, a study of the ancient books on medicine shows that the sages of former times knew more of the fundamental laws of nature than what is admitted to-day.' Chapters include: The Constitution of Man; The Four Pillars of Medicine; The Five Causes of Disease; The Five Classes of Physicians; and The Medicine of the Future.