Book: The New Word
Author: Allen Upward

The New Word By Allen Upward

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 198
Publication Date: 1910

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The term Scientology was first coined in this book by Allen Upward although the philosophy which Upward expounds in The New Word has nothing to do with any of the ideas of the latter-day Scientologists. In fact, Upward uses it here as a disparaging term, to indicate a blind, unthinking acceptance of scientific doctrine. Nor is the 'New Word' of the title Scientology. Rather, the word here is Idealist, drawn from Alfred Nobels' will, the starting point for Upward's essay. Intensely critical of everything and often funny, Upward's book is enjoyable reading in its own right, even if it is not exactly the Nobel prize material which he hoped for. He was apparently as obsessed with the Nobel prize as this book intimates.