Book: A New Decipherment of the Hittite Hieroglyphics
Author: R. Campbell Thompson

A New Decipherment of the Hittite Hieroglyphics By R. Campbell Thompson

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 151
Publication Date: 1913

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From the Intro: "I HAVE ventured to lay before scholars a new system of decipherment of the Hittite hieroglyphic inscriptions, based on a study of those already published, and those which were found during the season of 1911, when I was employed by the Trustees of the British Museum on the excavations at Carchemish. The Trustees have most kindly given me permission to quote from these new texts of 1911 as far as is necessary to prove my system of decipherment and grammar, even to the names of the petty chiefs which occur in them, and they have asked only that I shall refrain from discussing the historical side of their inscriptions, so that their own priority of publication at a later date be not anticipated."