Book: The Nandi, Their Language and Folk-Lore
Author: A. C. Hollis

The Nandi, Their Language and Folk-Lore By A. C. Hollis

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 451
Publication Date: 1909

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From the Preface: 'On my return to East Africa in January, 1905, I determined to pursue my studies in the languages, folk-lore, and customs of those tribes inhabiting our Protectorate that form an offshoot of the Nilotic stock, and to write an account of the Nandi-Lumbwa group on somewhat similar lines to those followed in my book on the Masai...I have myself witnessed the smiths, potters, and medicine men at work; I have been present at many of the dances; I have personally inspected the huts, stock, plantations, traps, and honey-barrels, etc; and I have seen cattle slaughtered, game killed, food cooked and eaten, corn sown, houses erected, and boys and girls attired in their strange costumes both before and after the circumcision ceremonies.'