Book: The Mythology of All Races, North American
Author: Hartley Burr Alexander

The Mythology of All Races, North American By Hartley Burr Alexander

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 490
Publication Date: 1916

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This is Volume 10 of the 13 Volume set, 'Mythology of all Races'. With over 30 illustrations, this volume covers subjects such as: The Eskimo's World; The Forest Region; Norseman and Skraeling; The Slaying of the Dragon; Algonquian Cosmogony; Tribes and Lands; Tricksters and Wonder-Folk; An Athapascan Pantheon; Siouan Cosmogonies; Caddoan Cosmogonies; The Gods of the Mountains; Navaho Ritual Myths; Pueblo Cosmology; Totemism and Totemic Spirits, and much more.

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