Book: The Mythology of All Races; Latin-American
Author: Hartley Burr Alexander

The Mythology of All Races; Latin-American By Hartley Burr Alexander

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 616
Publication Date: 1920

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This is Volume 11 of the 13 Volume set, 'Mythology of all Races'. With over 40 full page illustrations, this volume covers subjects such as: The First Encounters; Zemiism; Quetzalcoatl; Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue; The Aztec Pantheon; The Calendar and its Cycles; Votan, Zamna, and Kukulcan; The Maya; Quiche and Cakchiquel; The Popul Vuh; The Cultured Peoples of the Andes; The Empire of the Incas; The Myths of the Chincha, and more.

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