Book: My Trip to Mars
Author: William Ferguson

My Trip to Mars By William Ferguson

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 15
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Very short book, first published in the 1950's, of one man's out of body experience, which resulted in him going to Mars and meeting the Mars peoples. As usual, they have a message for mankind.

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"Welcome to Mars."

"We have brought you here," said Khauga, "to verify some information concerning the planet Earth, and to acquaint you with an expedition we are planning to make to the planet Earth." Khauga, I soon found out, is the chief Uniphysicist of our Solar System. Events leading up to this experience began back in 1938, on July 9th, when the illumination of my consciousness began to be manifested.

Previous to that time I had written a little book called "Relax First," and I had been teaching relaxation. I had become adept at the art of relaxation. It was high noon Central Standard Time, July the 9th, 1938, I was completely relaxed on a studio lounge in my home. My general physical well being was good, I was mentally serene. I was almost 38 years old. I was born July 23,1900. I was the father of five healthy children.

I am writing this 17 years after the experience, I know it is my duty to do so. I have hesitated for 17 years because I would not want to misinform anyone. Subsequent experiences and events in my life have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that what I am about to relate, was the most wonderful thing that could happen to a Human Being.

For many years I sensed that a great experience would be mine if I could get enough courage to be extremely quiet and let something that seemed to be all powerful have control of my being. I had been gradually mustering sufficient courage, and on July 9, 1938, I was ready. I was determined, that come what may, I would find the answer.

Whatever it was that was trying to get control of my being, had never dulled my mental faculties. It seemed, and was proven later, that the body, or something inherent in the body, or a body within my body, was required for whatever was to take place.

Something very unusual took place with my being, and I am speaking now of my body, my mind, my consciousness. There was a tremendous, a very awesome, a very powerful energy that began to surge and pulsate through my being, and it continued to increase in tempo and in power, it started in the area of my solar plexus. As this energy and power increased I had the feeling that every atom of my being was being expanded, taken apart, raised to a tremendous speed.