More English Fairy Tales

More English Fairy Tales


More English Fairy Tales By Joseph Jacobs

Format: Global Grey illustrated edition

Pages (PDF): 217

Publication Date: 1894

Illustrations: Yes

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Pages (PDF): 217

Publication Date: 1894

Illustrations: Yes

About The Book: Fully illustrated, this is a collection of 45 fairy tales. From the Preface: 'THIS volume will come, I fancy, as a surprise both to my brother folklorists and to the public in general. It might naturally have been thought that my former volume (English Fairy Tales) had almost exhausted the scanty remains of the traditional folk-tales of England. Yet I shall be much disappointed if the present collection is not found to surpass the former in interest and vivacity, while for the most part it goes over hitherto untrodden ground, the majority of the tales in this book have either never appeared before, or have never been brought between the same boards.'

Chapter List


The Pied Piper


The Golden Ball

My Own Self

Black Bull of Norroway

Yallery Brown

Three Feathers

Sir Gammer Vans

Tom Hickathrift

The Hedley Kow

Gobborn Seer



The Wee Bannock

Johnny Gloke

Coat o' Clay

The Three Cows

The Blinded Giant


The Pedlar of Swaffham

The Old Witch

The Three Wishes

The Buried Moon

A Son of Adam

The Children in the Wood

The Hobyahs

A Pottle O' Brains

The King of England and his Three Sons

King John and the Abbot of Canterbury

Rushen Coatie

The King O' The Cats


The Stars in the Sky


Paddock, Mousie, and Ratton

The Little Bull-Calf

The Wee, Wee Mannie

Habetrot and Scantlie Mab

Old Mother Wiggle-Waggle


Stupid's Cries

The Lambton Worm

The Wise men of Gotham

Princess of Canterbury

Introductory Notes


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