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Michael G. Edwards

Michael G. Edwards

Hi guys,

Just a little about me. I was always just Mike Edwards until I wrote a book. I felt my full name would look better, but my dad always said there was something pompous about people who used three names, so I opted for a middle initial. Hence, Michael G. Edwards

Between my wife and I we have taken on life with a vengeance. I was mainly a builder, but we ran a couple food bars, travelled with a circus, and of recent years I have qualified as a Life Coach.  Margaret now drives coaches all around the awesome and beautiful country of New Zealand.

In the days of film I made some money in photography, and still tend to be behind the camera. (not many photos of me) In my spare time I operate a BnB, in the east coast city of Napier. If you are reading this, put a visit to our shores on your bucket list (you are welcome to stay at our place)

And, now at the age of 71, I am returning to my trade to build a house for a friend.

My book tells of a less fulfilling period in our lives when Margaret seemed to be constantly sick – and how we sorted that out and all that we learned in the process. You don’t have to re-invent wheels, take a spin in ours.

A little about my book. You won’t find much theory here – it’s the facts, about cancer. We are not winning the war. Almost no progress is being made in that direction. Because what I call the ‘Drug Cartels’ – known to some as Big Pharma are lying to us. More people make a living from cancer than die from it. As with most illness or sicknesses ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. In the case of cancer the truth is closer to, any prevention is better than any hoped for cure.

My book is about prevention! 101 things you can do. If you don’t yet know how to do that, or even believe it impossible, you owe it to yourself and your family to read this book.

My email is here (acancersos@gmail.com) and also on the page one of my book, and is the best way to make contact with me. I would enjoy hearing from you.

My Books


A Cancer SOS

A Cancer SOS

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