Book: A Memoir on the Indian Surveys, 1875-1890
Author: Charles E. D. Black

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys, 1875-1890 By Charles E. D. Black

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 423
Publication Date: 1891

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Taken from the Preface: "My object has been to supply an outline sketch of the remarkable labours achieved during the last fifteen years by the chief Indian scientific departments, and to facilitate reference to the detailed records of those services." Chapters include: Indian Marine Surveys, First Period, 1875-82; Indian Marine Surveys, Second Period, 1882-90; Great Trigonometrical Survey of India; Topographical Surveys; Afghan Boundary Commission; Tidal and Levelling Observations; Supply of Scientific Instruments; Indian Meteorology; and, Statistical Survey of India.

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