Book: The Master’s Carpet
Author: Edmond Ronayne

The Master’s Carpet By Edmond Ronayne

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 191
Publication Date: 1887

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'The unmistakable coincidence between Masonry and Romanism is also set forth, and it is demonstrated with positive certainty that both systems have sprung from the same pagan source the one being the old pagan BEAST of Revelation and the other the Image of the Beast. Although I have been a member of the fraternity for a number of years, though I have been exalted to the highest office among my brethren in the lodge, and have received the unanimous plaudits of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, in 1872, yet accepting God's Word as the rule of my faith and practice, I insist upon it that I have just as much right to secede from the institution of Freemasonry, and to cast off all allegiance to its extra-judicial and iron-clad oaths, its inhuman death penalties, and its anti-Christian and idolatrous worship as I had to secede from the idolatrous worship of Rome just thirty years ago. Acting upon this principle then, I claim that a father, although a Freemason, is in duty bound to warn his son against affiliation with the Masonic institution, and in doing so, to give him a full exposition of its principles and philosophy. And hence the conversation between Mr. Barton and Henry.'

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