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Man’s Place in the Universe


Man's Place in the Universe By Alfred Russel Wallace

Format: Global Grey edition

Pages (PDF): 223

Publication Date: Third Edtion, 1904

Illustrations: No

Available formats: PDF, epub, Kindle ebook

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Book Description:

A study of the results of scientific research in relation to the unity or plurality of worlds. Chapters include: Early Ideas As To The Universe And Its Relation To Man; Modern Ideas As To Man’s Relation To The Universe; The New Astronomy; The Distribution Of The Stars; Distance Of The Stars—The Sun’s Motion Through Space; The Unity And Evolution Of The Star System; Are The Stars Infinite In Number?; Our Relation To The Milky Way; The Uniformity Of Matter And Its Laws Throughout The Stellar Universe; The Essential Characters Of The Living Organism; The Physical Conditions Essential For Organic Life; The Earth In Its Relation To The Development And Maintenance Of Life; The Earth In Relation To Life: Atmospheric Conditions; The Earth Is The Only Habitable Planet In The Solar System; The Stars—Have They Planetary Systems? Are They Beneficial To Us?; and, Stability Of The Star-System: Importance Of Our Central Position: Summary And Conclusion.

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