Book: Mankind United
Author: Arthur Bell

Mankind United By Arthur Bell

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 212
Publication Date: 1936

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Founded by Arthur Bell in the depths of the Great Depression, the Mankind United cult, based in California, claimed that a huge malevolent conspiracy ran the world; responsible for war, poverty and injustice. Opposing them were the "Sponsors". The Sponsors were shortly going to announce their presence, and put in place a world-wide utopia. However, in order to do so, they had to get massive support for their plan. When 200 million people accepted the Mankind United plan, the Sponsors would make their move, and within 30 days utopia would ensue. Of course, there were no Sponsors, no International Bureau: the group was founded by Arthur Bell, never got much further than the Oregon border and never numbered more than a few thousand adherents, if that. The only true beneficiary of the group was Bell, who had several luxurious apartments and mansions, including a swinging pad in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip with an indoor swimming pool, a pipe organ and a secret cocktail bar (alcohol was forbidden to the rank and file). This book, Mankind United, was the primary text of the cult.

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On December 25th, in the year 1875, a small group of generous and deeply sincere men and women met for the purpose of dedicating their lives and their fortunes to the establishment of a world-wide commercial organization which would, by its "works" as well as its "words,"—fittingly commemorate the birth of mankind's greatly beloved exemplar and way-shower—Christ Jesus.

He,—in memory of whom the Christian era is dated,—taught men that "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,—and not afar off," and that they might enter it at any time they were willing to obey the Golden Rule, and to live in peace and brotherly love, dealing with one another as they would be dealt with. He knew that our world's resources and its glorious attractions existed in limitless inexhaustible abundance and that they had been placed here for the happiness and equal use of all mankind. He knew that there was no need for rivalry or greedy competition.

That mankind might be persuaded to prove Jesus' promises and to practically apply them on a world-wide scale, and in all branches of human relationships, and that there might be erected to His memory a monument capable of exemplifying the "Spirit," as well as the "Letter," of His teachings, this little group of men and women pledged their lives, and their combined fortunes of over sixty millions ($60,000,000.00) of dollars, to the establishment of an organization which would devote its resources and the energies of its members, to a discovery of the basic causes of world-wide poverty,—wars and human suffering.

The program they had determined upon, was quite unlike any ever before attempted. They proposed to deal, not with results or effects called Poverty and War, but with their causes, and if need be to spend their entire fortunes and lives in a world-wide investigation and preparation of plans for the annihilation of what they believed to be humanly directed causes of mankind's endless fears, insecurity and suffering.

They had become convinced that poverty, ignorance, superstition, fear, hate and war were largely, if not entirely, the effects of such humanly directed causes, perpetuated century after century by those individuals who found it financially profitable to do so, and who had reached such—a point of moral idiocy that they no longer considered the sufferings of their victims.

In no way could the men and women who gathered together that Christmas Day, be classified as visionary impractical idealists, although the vision which had gradually dawned in the thoughts of each one of them during a period of many years, could only have been the out-growth of the highest form of unselfed ideals. If we were permitted to mention the names of some of the members of that little group, they would be instantly recognized by the well-informed people of every civilized nation on our earth today.

They each had experienced extreme poverty in earlier years and their attainment to positions of wealth and prominence had not been by visionary dreaming, but by exercising intelligence, industry, and an unyielding determination to break the shackles of such slavery. However, success had not dimmed their memories, or caused them to forget their tortures of hunger and privation, nor the fact that hundreds of millions of men, women and little children were still hungry and poorly clad—and tens of millions of them dying of starvation and exposure each year.

And so, on that Christmas Day, in the year 1875, a world-wide organization was formed and given a name. A name which for over fifty-eight years was to be known only by the members of that group, and their immediate co-workers, but a name which throughout all of future human history will stand as a beacon light of progress, forever reminding the men and women of every age, that the Universe itself is their home, and that there will never come a time when men will be able to say that they know all there is to know, and that there is nothing new to explore or to discover. For never will the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration cease making discoveries of which the human race should be informed, nor cease from striving to be worthy of its name's significance. It will never reach the stage where it has wholly fulfilled its mission to the human race, of serving those whom its founders considered as their brothers and sisters, and desired to benefit. It will never cease growing, nor enlarging its capacity to serve. The major purpose of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration was to be the discovery and application of ways and means by which the "Golden Rule" might be "Practically" applied in all human relationships, in order that poverty and wars would no longer occur, and men might learn to live in peace and happiness, in this gloriously beautiful world home of ours. That men might learn to enjoy its abundant resources,—which belong equally to us all, their eyes need only be opened to the inexhaustible nature of the needful or desirable things of life placed here on our earth in such endless variety by our Creator. To open men's eyes to the needlessness of poverty and war, and to prove to them the availability of the earth's limitless resources, this was the task to which The Institute's founders had set their hands.