Book: The Man with the Broken Ear
Author: Edmond About

The Man with the Broken Ear By Edmond About

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 176
Publication Date: 1872

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The good news you sent us from St. Petersburg caused us the greatest joy. Your poor mother had been ailing since winter, but I had not spoken to you about it from fear of making you uneasy while so far from home. As for myself, I had not been very well; and there was yet a third person (guess the name if you can!) who was languishing from not seeing you. But content yourself, my dear Leon: we have been recuperating more and more since the time of your return is almost fixed. We begin to believe that the mines of the Ural will not swallow up that which is dearer to us than all the world.

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