Book: Magic, White and Black or the Science of Finate and Infinite Life
Author: Franz Hartmann

Magic, White and Black or the Science of Finate and Infinite Life By Franz Hartmann

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 298
Publication Date: 1890

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Jacob Boehme, the great theosophist, says in regard to the study of Occultism: "If you desire to investigate the divine mysteries of nature, investigate first your own mind, and ask yourself about the purity of your purpose. Do you desire to put the good teachings which you may receive into practice for the benefit of humanity? Are you ready to renounce all selfish desires, which cloud your mind and hinder you to see the clear light of eternal truth? Are you willing to become an instrument for the manifestation of Divine Wisdom? Do you know what it means to become united with your own higher Self, to get rid of your lower Self, to become one with the living universal power of Good, and to die to your own insignificant terrestrial personality? Or do you merely desire to obtain great knowledge, so that your curiosity may be gratified, and that you may be proud of your science, and believe yourself to be superior to the rest of mankind? Consider, that the depths of Divinity can only be searched by the divine spirit itself, which is active within you. Real knowledge must come from our own interior, not merely from externals; and they who seek for the essence of things merely in externals, may find the artificial color of a thing, but not the true thing itself."

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