Book: The Legends of the Panjab
Author: R. C. Temple

The Legends of the Panjab By R. C. Temple

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 583
Publication Date: -

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Chapters include: The Adventures of Raja Rasalu; Sakhi Sarwar and Dani Jatti; Dhanna, the Bhagat; Three Fragments about Sarwar; The Marriage of Ghazi Salar; The Legend of Guru Gugga; The Ballad of Isa Baniya; The Ballad of Isa Bapari; Princess Adhik Anup Dai; The Legend of Sila Dai; The Story of Raja Mahi Parkash of Sarmor; The Story of Syama, Lord of Sohini; The Song of Negi Bahadur; Madana the Brave Lord of Chaura; The Legend of Safidon; Princess Niwal Dai; and, The Genealogies of Lal Beg.