Book: Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion
Author: A. H. Sayce

Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion By A. H. Sayce

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 569
Publication Date: 1909

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Lectures on the origin and growth of religion as illustrated by the religion of the ancient Babylonians. Chapters include: Rise of Semitic culture in the court of Sargon; Connection between Babylonian and Hebrew religion; Resemblances between the Babylonian and Jewish priesthood and ritual; Merodach the supreme Bel or Baal of Babylon; Merodach originally the Sun-god of Eridu; Origin of the names of Moses, Joseph, Saul, David and Solomon; General character of Babylonian religion; The Chaldsean Rig-Veda; The magical texts, and more.

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