The Land of Midian (Revisited)

The Land of Midian Revisited


The Land of Midian Revisited By Richard Francis Burton

Format: Scanned PDF

Pages (PDF): 377

Publication Date: 1879

Illustrations: Yes

Available formats: Scanned PDF

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Book Description:

This is Volume II. Chapters include: The Unknown Lands South of the Hisma, Ruins of Shuwak and Shagab; From Shagab to Ziba, Ruins of El-Khandaki and Umm Amil, The Turquise Mine, Return to El-Muwaylah; A Week around and upon the Sharr Mountain, Resume of the March through Eastern or Central Midian; Down South, to El-Wijh, Notes on the Quarantine, the Hutaym Tribe; The Cruise to El-Haura, and more.


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