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Books by Kushal Dudla

Name: Kushal Dudla.

Title of Book: Behind the Logo.

Description: So this book I’ve written is basically about how huge brands work in this current society, how they control people and their decisions they take in buying a product, about how people feel low and sad when they don’t wear any particular branded or designer clothes, I’ve been also thinking writing about this since a long time. I’ve included everything I can, the tricks, the history, how they fool us, the psychology they use on customers to make them buy their products. Hope you like this book.

Genres: Reference Work.

Bio: Hello, my name is Kushal Dudla and I’m 18 years old, turned 18 this May, (16/05/2003), I’ve always wanted to pursue my career as an author and I’m working on it, I live in Hyderabad, Hope you like my book.


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