Book: Know Your Magnetic Field
Author: William E. Gray

Know Your Magnetic Field By William E. Gray

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 74
Publication Date: 1947

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One of the mainstays of New Thought has been the concept that diseases can be healed using the mental abilities that are inherent in everyone. This short book describes one view of the mechanics of this in simple terms. The author goes through several illnesses and diseases and tells you how to use your own power to heal yourself.

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The theory presented in this book is new only in the sense that it has been revitalized of recent date. It is, in fact, as old as the world. Those who have seen the results of this theory in practice have called it miraculous. Others who have yet to see and learn and understand have called it fakery.

I have taken upon myself the task of trying to give as complete and accurate a picture of a person working with this theory as my ability permits. To understand him and interpret him for you is what I am trying to do. He thinks and acts from unshakable knowledge through a Source which most of us are only beginning to recognize dimly. The way in which the Source works through him will have to be understood for us to accept.

With my first grasp of this work I suggested that this understanding belongs to the people. He agreed and said he had known for some time that he should try to explain his perception of human energy.

This wisdom was present from his birth but its application and growth came about through experiment and experience to the highly developed talent it is today. Endless discussions, arguments and bewilderment went into my education. Revolutionary ideas were hard to accept at first but repetitious proof left me no choice but to accept and believe. I found explanations for conditions that until now had no explanations. The accomplishment of restored health through the revitalization of nervous systems I have witnessed for over a year now.

I remember well a conversation we had when I first tried to comprehend his ability.

"This is all so startling and new that I wonder whether the people are ready for you. The trend is in this direction but do you think we have had enough preparation?"

"Why is this new and startling?" was his reply. "That is a misunderstanding. It is actually a lost art. Doesn't the Bible explain that some of the people, in ancient days, had the understanding and wisdom of healing through the laying on of hands? Don't you think the laying on of hands was their method of distributing human energy? My opinion is that it was the common and accepted practice of healing at that time. We have come to look upon it as miraculous only because of lost knowledge and its usage down through the centuries. Knowledge and power must have been deliberately kept from the people and retained by a few to exert control over the masses. The Power that goes through me is in everyone. Only the wisdom of its application is necessary."

This person is an average appearing man, pleasant, jovial and likable. But after a little while in his presence you are aware of a quality and a force behind him that are indefinable, a something that eludes you. He seems to treat his ability as a joke on himself. His favorite expression is, "It's crazy, isn't it?" And it does seem so. He talks like a combination mechanic and electrician until you begin to wonder what you are made of, flesh and blood or wires and switches.

He works by placing his fingers over nerves and nerve relay centers and this transmits human energizing current into the body. One is first conscious of mild vibration at the point of his touch. Then the vibrations start to move in through one, chase around all over and turn up in the most startling spots on one's body. This is followed by a sensation of warmth—comforting mild heat penetrating every part—the rapid cessation of pain and then the complete relaxation of the entire body and a surge of increased energy and vitality throughout.

By the time he has finished "tuning" your heart, opened the switches, strengthened the magnetic field to let the energy current through, burned out the rust and oiled a few joints, you depart in a state of bewilderment but relieved of pain and feeling assured you can be helped and life made attractive and livable again. I've been through it; I know. But I was not satisfied alone with results. I wanted to know how and why.

"No one can deny the results you get. Almost everyone feels the energy—almost everyone gets better. What is this energy current?" I inquired.

"It is life ray—human energy on individual wave lengths. To my knowledge there are thirty-six different frequencies. Each individual operates on three waves at different frequencies making numerous combinations of magnetic field control. One must complement the energy frequency of the magnetic field of the individual being worked upon."

"That doesn't make sense to me. I have never heard of such things. I have seen miracles occur here in your office and I would like to have some explanation. All I can say—all anyone can say is, 'It is a gift.' When did you first know of this Power?"

"This knowledge has been with me from my earliest memory," he said. "As a youngster a lot of my time was spent on the shore of a lake fishing, quiet and alone. At that time by tuning in, the instructions and explanations would come to me."

"Tuning in?" I questioned. "Explanations? What explanations?"

"Why—things, people, life, the world. What is in the world, what we are made of and why people do the things they do and get into the difficulties they find themselves in."

"But how do you tune in?" I persisted.

"If you must know," he went on, "it is similar to the action of a radio receiving set. You might say that after tuning in on the waves the answers and explanations come."