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Julian, Philosopher and Emporer and the Last Struggle of Paganism Against Christianity By Alice Gardner

Julian, Philosopher and Emporer and the Last Struggle of Paganism Against Christianity

Alice Gardner

This is a Facsimile PDF. It has 453 pages and was published in 1906.


Chapters include: The Roman World Under Constantine: Parentage of Julian, His Birth and Childhood, Career and End of His Brother Gallus; Julian's Academic Education; Julian's Elevation to the Caesarship; Julian's Caesarship in Gaul; Military Movements in East and West, Julian Becomes Emperor; Death of Constantius, and the Beginning of Julian's Reign as Sole Augustus; Julian's Religion and Philosophy; Julian as Religious Reformer and Controversialist; Julian's Policy Against the Christians; Legislative Labours and Administrative Reforms; Literary Recreations, Controversy with the Cynics; Julian and the Antiochenes; Julian's Persian Campaign, His Death; and, Outcome of Julian's Enterprise, His Position in History.

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