Book: Japanese Household Magic
Author: W. L. Hildburgh

Japanese Household Magic By W. L. Hildburgh

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 40
Publication Date: 1908

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The fabric of this minor magic is, in Japan, of surprising extent, for there are special ceremonies or formulae or amulets to fit all sorts of extraordinary occasions as well as all the ordinary happenings of daily life. The methods for securing a certain desired result are, however, far from being the same in all parts of the country, or even in all parts of the main island, and comparatively few, I think (though I may not speak with assurance) are common to the whole of Japan. Each district seems to have, as has each district in European countries, its own set of beliefs. There is, however, a strong element in some of the charms (such as a certain cure for toothache, for example, of which I have six distinct variants), which remains the same everywhere, although the remainder of the charm may vary widely with the locality.

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